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Family owned & operated since 1988.

We prepare all our meats, sauces & dough using our own recipes with only the finest ingredients. We proudly offer a variety of Italian dishes such as: veal, chicken, eggplant, seafood, a variety of pasta sauces, raviolis, lasagna & delicious pizza. Antonino’s also offers a complete wine & beer menu.

Our friendly staff & cozy atmosphere will make you feel right at home.

During the summer months, enjoy our outdoor dining area. Our friendly staff & cozy atmosphere will make you feel right at home while listening to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Andrea Bocelli, & other great singers. Our convenient location is right next to other businesses & across the street from the historic Stone Avenue Train Station. Which makes Antonino’s a convenient spot for commuters.

We at Antonino’s believe a meal consisting of high-quality food is a ceremonial tradition passed on by generations of Italians. Italians, as a people, have relocated throughout the world. They left their villages behind in search of a new life while taking their traditions with them. Through their sacrifices, they achieved a better life. However, they never sacrificed in terms of the quality of their food, as food quality is a cultural tradition. For over thirty-five years Antonino’s Ristorante has done its best to continue this tradition.


We are proud to prepare the same food that the people of Italy eat every day and have eaten for centuries. We believe food should be made with quality and tradition in mind, rather than simple economics. That is why we say, for good memories and a long life, enjoy good food while in the company of good friends. Come and taste the tradition for yourself. We want to thank all our customers for their continued support.

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